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Order & Inquiry Form

Please DO NOT Hesitate to Contact Us By This Form! Even Only Your Name, E-Mail, Tel Number Are Fine to Fill In. We Are Grad to Hear from You Something About Us.

If You Have Already Determined What You Want, Fill In This From As Many As You Could, and Click 送信(Send) Button.
Loose Dia List on This Site Is Just a Few Information. We Are Able to Find and Intrduce You Other Diamonds Not on the List. Feel Free to Let Us Know Your Favor!

E-Mail(*Nessary/PC preferable)
What Shape of Diamond you look for?
What Carat?

What Grade of Color?
What Grade of Clarity?
What Grade of Cut?(Only for Round Cut Dia)
What Kind of Jewelry?

Intrested Products?
Date to hand over
Inquiries&Coments(Let us know your frank requests)